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? ♥ Obsession ♥
Thursday, 12 January 2012 ? 00:22 ? 0 comments
Posting about my OBSESSION with cute handsome guys. (:

Hey. Before that. I just want to clear this up! This OBSESSION I have is not that bad OBSESSION. Its good. Good in away that you just like them for being handsome/cute/talented and thats all. I repeat THATS ALL that matters. Nothing else. 
If you think this post is a waste of your time/ this is bullshit/ this is childish/ this is blablabla. Then, PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE READING THIS...

This is in random orders. I cannot rate them because they are all handsome/cute/talented in their own ways. They are just  too perfect to be compare with. :P
Let us begin,...

♥Logan Wade Lerman♥
Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. This is when I saw him. kyaa. Just damn gorgeous. I really like his character, Percy Jackson cause he's a Demigod. I dont really know why I like him because of that. Maybe cause he's tough and really, water saves him. lol

♥Beast's Jun Hyung♥
Kyaa. What can I say about this handsome guy. He is really my favourite member in Beast. Not only because of his handsomeness but also because he can rap. Oh yeah! For me a handsome guy that can rap is totally a cool thing. Dont forget about that smirk. kyaa! Really blows me off. You know what?! He's cute too. He can be really aegyo. I just want to pinch his cheek. hehe. 

♥Joo Woon♥
kyaa! Just looking at his picture makes me so in love with his innocent face. At first, when i saw him in Bread, Love and Dreams as Majun, I really think he's a bad ass because of his bad character. But part of me think that he's a handsome man. I really really like him now cause he's currently playing as Taehui in Ojakgyo Brothers. His character there pretty much what a girl wants from a guy. Caring and will do everything that he can to make that girl happy. And oh yeah. How can I forget about those eyes. When he stares, oh my! Perfect Scores!

♥Jirayu La-Ongmanee♥
hehe. :P i already describe him but still i want to post about him because he's one of my OBSESSION. Look at his smile guys! Can you expect more from him! I think that smile completes him. I love KOREAN but still, i can't resist cute/handsome guys from THAILAND. His character in Suckseed, Ped is really damn what i think i want. Yeah! He's shy but i think that's what attracts me about him other than his cuteness. Love the way he talks too. 

♥Josh Duhamel♥
Oh my gosh! Josh Duhamel is so damn handsome and a sexy man. Lucky Fergie to get him. lol. Have crush on him since I saw him in Transformer. Have been his fan since then. I need a man like him. haha. Go Josh!

♥Robert Pattinson♥
Who can't resist this sexy vampire. haha. If you think I like him since Twilight. You are so wrong. In Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire, Robert played as Cedric Diggory. hrmm. It was so sad that he had to be killed in this movie. Oh my! He looks so damn cool in that movie. Luckily, I saw him again in Twilight. And again Oh my! What a perfection. He's a gorgeous sexy vampire. I really love everything about Edward. And I thank Robert for being Edward. There are no better actor to play Edward Cullen other than Robert Pattinson.    

♥Cam Gigandet♥
Shirtless Cam is so damn hot! haha. Loving his damn sweet smile. Everything about him is a killer.A man like him is to die for. lol

♥Song Joong Ki♥
In my opinion. He is really the king of Aegyo/Cuteness. Even without trying to be cute, he's already doing it. I love his role as Goo Yong Hwa in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He's a ladies man  but still even so, he's not that bad at all. haha. And recently I saw him acting in Gag Concert. I don't know exactly what the show title was. But I think its The BreakUp show. He was really good acting in that show. Everyone was so excited about Joong Ki's appearance and how he made everyone laughed at his jokes. His role was a young guy with an older girlfriend. The woman, Jong Ki's girlfriend wanted to break up with her long time boyfriend just to be with Joong Ki. They made break up seems so funny with the food as their props. I laughed so much. haha.

♥Super Junior's Cho Kyu Hyun♥
hehe. I can't just not put him in this post. Apart from liking his handsomeness, i like his voice. He has this really peaceful voice. He is slightly a shy person, but he can make funny jokes that makes you crack. Thats what i like about him. 

♥Infinite's L/Myungsoo♥
Infinite's future is getting brighter and brighter. My love for their songs is growing day by day. Just look at that picture. What a very sexy eyes he has. When he smiles. Owhhh! You would wished he would smile like that just for you!

♥Infinite's Woo Hyun♥
Goshh! Woo Hyun! He's one of the cute boys who can sing pretty well. When he smiles, cute appears! His eyes becomes smaller and really that is one of his best expression. haha. Im saying that is weird. Isn't it?! Lol

I think i better stop now. Too many guys to continue. lol. :P. What an obsession i have here. I will continue writing this when i have the time. Cause my brain is full of blablabla. I don't know! haha. Adios!

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