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? Suckseed!!! I need you! Love you! Want You! lol
Friday, 13 January 2012 ? 13:51 ? 0 comments
(: Im just going to write a simple post. I just wanted to share currently my favourite movie to watch.

It is called Suckseed.

I've been wanting to watch this movie since 2011. I don't know the exact month when it was release on television. Apparently, I don't have that channel that have this movie because my mom didn't subscribe to it. 
I thought maybe I could buy the dvd/vcd. If I could find it. But sadly, I didn't manage to find it. So. My second plan was watching it online. But, my freakin broadband doesn't allowed me to because its too damn slow to load! 
Months passes by and here we are. January 2012. My broadband apparently have been healthy lately. So I took my chance. hehe. 
After I watched it. I'm In love with it. Its funny plus got handsome/cute guys. !!

(: (: (:

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