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Thursday, 12 January 2012 ? 22:23 ? 4 comments
So. I ended my life as a student after taking SPM 2011. It means that I am officially free from books for I think maybe about 3 months before I take my SPM result. It also means that I get to spend my holiday doing whatever I want to do. Except I don't have anything to do. haha. So I just waste my holidays in my home watching television, surf the internet and so on. You can say that my life is pretty much BORING.
So, because I am totally BORED with life now. Im gonna post all the shows/series that I've been watching lately. I'm sharing this because the shows/series have been accompanying me when Im BORED. Yeah. Before I continue, I think some of you might be confuse with what Im going to say and what I have said before. So. Please don't criticize me for being such a confuser. lol.

All the shows/series that Im going to post is what I think is a good show/series. This is in MY OPINION. So don't tell me that Im watching a BORING show/series because for me it's a very fun/exciting/whateverpositivewordsyoucanthinkof to watch.
Let the share begin,..

Merlin Season 4
I love everything about Merlin. Except for the fact that Guinevere looks like she's a Timur person. lol XD.
I mean, how can someone as handsome as young King Arthur would be in love with her. Yeah! I know, it's just an act but still! They could find better Guinevere than this!

Running Man 런닝맨
kyaa! Maybe the best KOREAN show I ever seen. Love the way they make you laugh. Really Daebak! 

Scent Of A Woman
I burst out of tears if i watch any crying scene in this drama. lol

How I Met Your Mother

First Wives Club

Happy Together
lol. Just thinking about this makes me laugh. So much laughter going on this show. All of the 4 MC are damn funny. Especially Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myeong Soo. When they laugh without reason, I automatically laugh with them too. haha

49 Days
At first, the main factor why I watch this was because of its good plot and also because it was on the first episode when i was looking for a thing to watch. I guess Im lucky. lol. Lots of thing going on, on this drama. But, its really good to watch. Hey, you wont lose anything if you watch this because the actors are damn handsome. lol.

Ojakgyo Brothers 
kyaa! One of my favourite man is acting in this drama. You see that Number 3. That's him! 

90210 Season 6

Cake Boss
Waarghh! I love watching this. Really love watching them decorate the cakes that everyone could not expect more than that. Just the techniques and all overwhelms me. Poor my place. Doesnt have like this kind here. ):

Yeah! I think i better stop here. Im going to edit this post if im free and have a very active hands that can't wait to type. lol. I have lots of show/series to share but im just going to end this today. Thank You for your understanding. (:

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