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? Lancelot Du Lac
Monday, 6 February 2012 ? 23:04 ? 0 comments

So, I just finished watching Merlin Season 4 Episode 9, Lancelot du lac. I've been waiting for AGES to see this episode because of Lancelot. ((: .. I was excited for the last 10 minutes and got more excited til the episode ends. )':
Was super duper excited to see Lancelot eventhough it was not truly him. I want to thank Morgana for bringing him back and also i would like to $%#$&^%* Morgana for asking Lancelot to die again! Honestly that was my first episode that i shouted and said gurhhhh, urgghhh and arghhhh again and again and again. haha.. My mother even told me that i shouted Lancelot's name so loud. Hey. I miss Lancelot so much. That's why! :D
Just like Merlin, I wanted to believe that Lancelot was Lancelot eventhough i knew it wasn't him all along. )':
I had this expression for the last 10 minutes >> )': )': )': )': )': )':  I was totally sad(nearly going to cry) that Lancelot will not be in the next episode and also sorry for Arthur. I pity him cause he lost his trust towards Guinevere. Poor Merlin to see his friend gone again. )':
I cant hold my tears in this part, so i cried. )': . I was happy that Lancelot was Lancelot again in this part eventhough its only for awhile to say thank you to Merlin. That made me cry.

Owh~~ Dear Lancelot, you weren't suppose to die. I hope you comeback.. Eventhough its not going to happen, but im still hoping you do. I just cant get enough of you. I love Merlin!!!!


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