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? Boomshakalaka
Saturday, 31 March 2012 ? 18:10 ? 0 comments
Boomshakalaka baby! (; Im so in love with this man above since forever. ahha :D 
His name is Choi Seung Hyun aka T.O.P/Top/
Date of Birth : 4 November 1987
Name of Groupy : Big Bang 
Position : Rapper
Height : 181 cm
me2day account : http://me2day.net/topofbb *Its really his account. The real TOP

-So im just going to post TOP's pictures just because no words can describe how much I adore him especially his very manly voice! :D *maybe just one word I can describe him. :D haha. Charismatic~
Im currently using this picture as my phone's wallpaper :P. I love his emerald hair. Suits him so much. 
Picture from MV Fantastic Baby. So fantastic! :D
Ignore the background :D. Just focus on Top. *I think thats Shin Bongsun from Happy Together that lady behind. XDD
Big Bang's GD and TOP. I love almost all of their songs. Knock Out, Baby Goodnight. Oh Yeah and High High. They are a cute pair too. :D
GD: This is double double double double combo. Double double double combo. I suggest you hear 'Knock Out' and check out their MV. LOVE it soo much!
Grrr~ Top! Why are you so cute!
He looks so good mostly every hair color. Damn I like Top more! :D
Modeled for Calvin Klein.
 MV Turn It Up. I looove the song but I hate(just a little) the MV. Too much sexy girls. Maybe Im just jealous. haha 

Thats all for now. ngeee :P

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