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? Holika Holika Here I Come
Sunday, 1 April 2012 ? 03:14 ? 0 comments
Im just going to write a short post. Next week, Im going to Holika Holika at Suria Sabah. Its been so long since the last time I went there to buy cosmetic products :D . I think it was February. Yeah! Its definitely that month. Holika Holika is definitely a place that I would at least once a month or 2 months go. So much products to buy there but Im just going to buy little by little because it is definitely expensive but worth it!
Fyi, Holika Holika's product is from Korea and just recently open in Malaysia. I would love to spend my money buying things from Holika! Yeah. I know what you are going to say. Im such a splasher. :D So thats it. Hmm. Maybe next time/next week Im going to post the things that I purchase from Holika Holika. Just for fun! :P


April 1 2012, 3.13 am


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