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? Shop shup shapping! :D
Friday, 27 April 2012 ? 00:14 ? 0 comments
yipiiii yipiiii. :D 
lol. Just bought Merlin season 1!!! ahha. so happy plus thankful to my mother who doesnt complaint about me asking her to buy the discs for me. 
huhu.. Ada lg sebenarnya disc yang sy nak beli bila ternmpak disc tu display depan counter. Apa lagi kalau bukan One Direction. ahha. tp mmndangkan sy dah minta mum sy beli Merlin y amat berpuluh2 mahal, sy tak boleh lg minta. Bukan sebab mum sy x suruh atau sy tanya tp sy cuma xnak melebih-lebih. Sy pun tau ada boundarynya. ==.
Btw, ada byk lg tu pilihan disc One Direction. :D. Ada yang individual album cover and group album cover.
First nmpak yang group album cover
*yang ni!
Then nmpak yang Individual album cover :
 Liam Payne
Harry Styles
 Louis Tomlinson
 Niall Horan
Zayn Malik

Grrr. so many choices loh. But I like Liam Payne's, Louis Tomlinson's and Niall Horan's cover the most! Cause Im so in love with them! :D *sorry Zayn. sorry Harry. I love you too tho but more to the three of em'. :D
Next time, im gonna buy their album. I want the individual cover album. Its either Louis' or Liam's or Niall's cover. :D.

Next,~~I also got myself some story/fiction books. yay! I've been dying to buy some story/fiction books. Its been awhile since i bought myself a book, "The Twilight Saga : The Official Illustrated Guide". 

I havent read it yet. *neither both. So, i dont have any comment about it. But i think its gonna be interesting. haha! Its so weird that I tend to buy books that involves werewolves/vampires. First it was Twilight, then Shiver and now, this! I dont know what to do with myself about this. haha. Looking forward to read this later. Maybe after i post this! :3 Eeeee..sy suka suka suka!!! :D

*sorry for those who thinks im showing off here. Im just sharing you my life since this is A BLOG! ==

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