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? Korean Dramas~~~
Thursday, 12 April 2012 ? 00:58 ? 0 comments
Tonight Im going to post about Korean dramas that I have watched and currently watching. 
Before that, Im just going to say titsy bits about the Holika Holika's post. I have to postpone it until idontknowwhen because I did not manage to go there because I was too busy doing something else and was tired to go any further. ;)

Okay. Now. Back to the main topic :)

This is just a simple post about Korean Dramas. So, dont get your hopes too high. (;

The Korean dramas that I am currently watching. All of it are new dramas that have just aired.

This first drama is currently one of my favorite because of the fun story line and the actors (and dont forget about the actresses eventhough i dont really know who they are) in it. :D

Rooftop Prince
Kyaa! Park Yoo Chun aka Micky. I think thats why I enjoy watching this because of him. :D He is so funny, adorable and handsome at the same time. I am currently watching this on Daily Motion because damn I cannot wait for it to be air on television. More specifically, One Tv Asia . So , Im one step ahead from peoplewhohaventwatchitandgoingtowatchitontelevesion. :P


King 2 Hearts
This too is one of my favorite. Lee Seunggi so damn ijustwanttohughimhere. :D . Love his character, Lee Jae Ha. So cute and at the same time annoying. But still, 


Equator Man/The Man From The Equator
I just watched the first episode of Equator Man on KBS but I already read the recaps of it until episode 6 and so on(Im waiting for the drama to be recap). So basically, if I watch it on television, I know whats going to happen. ;) ngee~~ I kinda enjoy reading it than watching it because i am annoyed by the sound effects of it. So so lame. Im just going to say it is really a good drama because of the plot.

So, ermm~ thats it. Thats the only korean dramas that I am watching. 
Okay. Now, Im going to write about the previous korean dramas that have aired and I watched before. No explanation because I damn dont know how to explain such perfect korean dramas. :) plus I am super duper triple tired. haha

Operation Proposal

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

The Moon That Embraces The Sun

Thats it for now. Until then,... (:

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