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? When Your Hopes Gets Crushed
Monday, 16 April 2012 ? 19:09 ? 0 comments
Im so frustated today ): 
After a friend of mine posted something about SOMETHING ==. I immediately search for it and enter some numbers and found out NOTHING. huhu. So frustating betul bila dah lama menunggu untuk hari yang akan membuatku teramat gembira. Tapi bila dah sampai, hancur sampai terburai-burai mulut mengucap kata-kata kusut kesat ni. 
I dont even have the mood to talk to people anymore. I just have the mood to type =='. If people talk to me, I think I might give them a scream or some nonsense talk or some *beeeeep

I just feel like I want to be in a place where there's no one except for me.

But room isn't the best place to be because it's making me even more frustated.
I want to be where the nature covers me from the people who might see me and me laying down on the grass and just stare at the sky.

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