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? Le Chelsea Is Baaack!
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 ? 02:04 ? 0 comments
So how many months is it now ? I am truly sorry my blog for abandoning you for it seems like years =='
Okay cut to the chase,

This week and last week, i have been thinking a lot about The Host starring Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel. Oh man, words cannot describe how i feel about it.
Since i know The Host, I have been waiting for it to become a movie and when it did happened I was thrilled and couldn't wait for them to introduce the casts especially for Melanie/Wanderer's, Jared's, and Ian's part.
And Wow, they did a great job finding those who can play the best for the parts.

I especially love it when they cast Saoirse(Say-Or-Sha) for Melanie/Wanderer's part because i really really like her since i first saw her in The Lovely Bones(I suggest you should watch this for those who haven't). She was truly born for that part. *hmm that sounds weird*.

And gosh Max Irons. My heart truly melts and still does. :p I just hope i will see him a lot this time in The Host compare to Red Riding Hood.when he played as Henry, *well he did appeared a lot in RRH maybe im just not truly satisfied with that* :p

And yeah don't forget about Jake Abel. He's known as Luke in Percy Jackson and Mark in I Am Number Four which at first i really dont fancy him a lot at that time cause he was The Bad Guy... but he did turned out to be good in the last part of I Am Number Four. But now oh yeah he's the top of my obsession, Max Irons is the second. kikiki. If they didn't cast Jake as Ian O'Shea, i...maybe still dont like him that very much. Now i truly open my heart for him like literally.
When i read The Host, Ian's, Jared's and Melanie/Wanda's conversation i truly was imagining them. I literally cried, I laughed and I was mad. Those feelings ain't hard to get if you truly were feeling them deep..ly MUCH. oh yeah!

and now, let me introduce you to the official poster for The Host. which is awesome by the way! want to view more, checkout their official trailer THE HOST

and few images from The Host which you can google cause i only have 4 pictures to be shown to,...

 (Ian O'Shea and Melanie/Wanda)

 (Melanie/Wanda and Ian O'Shea)
(Ian O'Shea and Melanie/Wanda) 

(Jared Howe and Ian O'Shea)
And Lastly, dont forget to watch The Host which will be premiere on March, the date i am not so sure because they have different date premiere for some of the countries. But Watch It when it comes out!!!

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